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The Declaration of Arbroath family history project Book £12.50 £16.00 see website    
The Life & Family of Robert Large, Mercer Book  £13.50 £17.00  £19.50                    
Complete Works of Charles Evans Book Version

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Vol.2, Nos.1,2, 3 & 5
Vol.3, Nos.1, 2 & 5
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Vol.14 £13.00 £16.00 £18.00    
Vol. 13 £13.00 £16.00 £18.00    
Vol. 12 £14.00 £17.00 £19.00    
Vol. 11 £14.00 £17.00 £19.00    
Vol.10 £14.00 £17.00 £19.00    
Vol.9 £12.00 £14.00 £15.00    
Vol.8 £12.00 £14.00 £15.00    
Vol.7 £12.50 £15.00 £16.00    
Vol.6 £12.00 £14.00 £15.00    
Vol.5 £12.00 £14.00 £15.00    
Vol.4 £12.00 £14.00 £15.00    
Vol.3 Indexes £4.00 £5.00 £5.50    
Vol.3, No.6 £6.00 £9.00 £10.00    
Vol.3, No.4 £6.00 £9.00 £10.00    
Vol.3, No.3 £6.00 £9.00 £10.00    
Vol 2 Indexes £4.00 £5.00 £5.50    
Vol 1, Nos.1-6; Vol 2, Nos. 1-6; and Vol.3 Nos.1 2 & 5
are now out of print (available online on open access)
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