The Charles F H Evans Award is given to the lead author of the best article submitted which presents original or cutting edge research, leading to a major advancement in a topic related to medieval genealogy.

For further information on the award, visit Guidelines & Submissions.

  • 2011 onwards

    No award yet made
  • 2010

    Don C Stone and Charles R Owens
    [Eirene?], First Wife of Emperor Isaakios II Angelos, is a Probable Tornikina and Gateway to Antiquity
    Winning article published in Foundations Vol.3, no.5, pp.349-390
  • 2009

    No award made
  • 2008

    Michael Andrews-Reading
    Our Dearest Brother: Studies in changing expressions of kinship in the records of medieval royalty
    Winning article published in Foundations Vol.3, no.1, pp.3-35
  • 2007

    Matthew Hovious
    A reappraisal of the medieval ancestry of the Cranmers of Aslacton
    Winning article published in Foundations Vol.2, no. 5, pp.307-341
  • 2006

    Kelsey Jackson Williams
    A genealogy of the Grand Komnenoi of Trebizond
    Winning article published in Foundations Vol.2, no.3, pp.171-189
  • 2005

    Andrew Devereux
    Royal genealogy and the Gothic thesis in medieval Iberian historiography
    Winning article published in Foundations Vol.2, no.1, pp.3-26

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