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  • Enter the search keyword(s) in the box provided, then press "Start Search".
  • "Extended Search" enables you to narrow the search by author, resource type (eg book, journal article) etc, but only use this if you are sure of the details. A general search will look for the keywords in all fields.
  • NB To limit the search to holdings in our Oxford collection, you must use "Extended Search" and select "Oxford Library" from the resource type drop down list.
  • It is also worth trying spelling variants, especially for names and foreign language terms. Truncated forms are useful (eg "Byzan" will find "byzantine," "Byzantinische," "Byzantium" and "Byzanz").
  • Please note that your search term will not necessarily display on screen for all of your retrievals, as there are underlying keyword fields to assist in searches.
  • Once your search results are displayed, click the titles of individual articles to view the full catalogue details.

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